Why Top Execs Are Joining Owlet Baby Care

Baby Tech Company Paving the Way in Infant Health

September 23, 2019 -- Owlet Baby Care’s mission is to provide parents the right information at the right time through innovative technology. Its inspiring purpose has received the attention of three top executives who have accepted positions on Owlet’s management team: Kady Srinivasan as Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Brower as Chief Product Officer and Jeff Humpherys as Chief Data Scientist and Vice President of Research.

Kady Srinivasan has 20+ years of experience working with some of the largest consumer brands in the world, including Ubisoft, EA, and most recently Dropbox. With a strong track record of delivering revenue results internationally and within diverse consumer audiences, she wants to help spread Owlet’s mission globally.

“When I was introduced to Owlet, I knew this was the company that would solve the problems I had encountered as a new mom,” said Srinivasan. “And this was the kind of product company I have always wanted to work for: a company with a strong vision, a clarity of purpose and mission, a problem that desperately needs solving and truly amazing founders that have created a culture and legacy that will live beyond themselves.”

Working a highly successful career at Fortune 500 companies including Nike and Johnson & Johnson, Brian Brower couldn’t wait to come to Owlet. “I knew Owlet was where I wanted to land because I heard how they were solving some of the biggest challenges in infant health,” Brower said. He had just had a baby of his own and was looking for a position where he could really make a difference. “I wanted to create products that would make parents’ lives easier, but also impact the lives of little ones who don’t have a voice. Our products give babies a voice,” said Brower.

Mathematics professor and chief data scientist Jeff Humpherys was an executive for a large health insurance company when Owlet’s CEO, Kurt Workman, approached him. “When Kurt explained how Owlet was making infant health research a major priority, I wanted to be part of it. Now we are developing algorithms that detect infant sickness and congenital illnesses, but more importantly, researching the causes of sudden and unexpected
infant death,” said Humpherys. “It’s extremely rewarding to work on such important problems.”

Owlet is thrilled to welcome these remarkable individuals to the team and looks forward to the significant contributions they will be making on parents, babies and the world. To learn more about how Owlet is solving the unsolvable in infant health, visit owletcare.com.

About Owlet Baby Care Owlet Baby Care is a venture-backed startup best known for its flagship product, the Smart Sock baby monitor. Founded by a team of passionate parents in 2013, this Silicon Slopes company located in Lehi, UT has reinvented the baby industry, dominating the smart nursery category. Its newest product, the Owlet Band pregnancy monitor, has already won two distinctive awards at the Consumer Electronics Show for Best Wearable and Tech to Change the World.


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